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“The greatest truth must be recognition that in every man, in every child is the potential for greatness.” -Bobby Kennedy

Berryville School Counseling Department Mission/Vision Statement:

The school counseling program will work to enable all students in the high school to reach and attain educational success by providing guidance and counseling in the areas of academic, career, and personal/social development as well as through a collaborative effort between parents, teachers, administrators, social workers, and the community to enhance learning and success. This program will help students overcome challenges associated with learning and development and will advocate for an environment that strives for achievement for all students regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc. Diversity is respected and appreciated as school counselors enhance unity among students, school stakeholders, and the community. The school counseling program will strive to help students develop competencies to address deficits, strengthen capabilities and skills, and address personal responsibility as students work towards postsecondary education and/or entrance into the workforce.

News and Highlights

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    • Beginning with the 2016-17 year, the FAFSA will be opening on October 1st. See the document posted in the Senior Information section.
    • College Day forms must be filled out in advance and can be found outside the counselor's office.
      • Seniors are allowed 2 college days during the year
      • Juniors are allowed 1 college day during the year
  • ADVISORY information is found under the Advisory pa ge 
    • Students requesting a recommendation letter from a counselor MUST make the request one week in advance. Failure to do so will result in denial of a recommendation.


The TASSELTime website provides pre-qualified websites, so you don't have to spend numerous hours finding the sites and then wondering if the site is legitimate. They have taken the leg work out of the search so you can concentrate on completing the applications and information to actively pursue your future. They have helpful information and sites designed to help all students, starting as early as third grade and continuing through graduate school. This resource is available to all Berryville Students free of charge.

Go to http://www.tasseltime.com/index.html    Username: bobcat      Password: bobcat1


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Veterans Day Salute

HS Veterans Day Slideshow

HS Teacher, Gayla Sparks, developed a Veterans Salute to honor our local Vets






Alma Mater


Staunch and faithful thou will stand
Through years to come, and never
Shall we fail to give our faith
To thee forever.

The regal purple, sun's fair gold
Un-furls against the sky,
In chorus with all loyal hearts
From happy days gone by.
Our Alma Mater, hail to thee
Forever, Berryville High!