Berryville High School


COURSE:                 Algebra I

INSTRUCTOR:        Tammy Brown

OBJECTIVES:         Algebra I is designed to help students understand the basic structure of the real number system as well as algebraic terms and symbols.  Students learn to simplify and evaluate algebraic expressions, solve equations and inequalities, factor expressions, and graph solution sets on number lines and coordinate axes.  This algebra course is the basis for the remaining higher math courses that are designed for the college bound student. 

INSTURCTION AND EVALUATION METHODS:        Class is conducted through informal lecture with many examples worked in detail.  There will be extensive interaction with the students; one on one and in groups.

Since mathematics is cumulative in nature, class attendance is very important.  Notes should be taken and all assignments completed to be successful in this class.

Evaluation will be based upon completion of homework, quizzes, group work, projects and test grades.

HOMEWORK:          Homework assignments will be made at the completing of classroom discussion.  These problems are to be completed before the next class meeting.  Students are responsible for all material covered.

CLASS ATTENDANCE:    Class attendance is important to accurately complete the course.  Students are responsible for acquiring all missed assignments.

GRADES:      Daily work (homework, quizzes, notebook grade) will count for 40% of the student grade each grading period.  Chapter tests will count for 40% of the student grade each grading period.  The semester test will make up the remaining 20%.  The number of grades will vary each grading period depending on the material covered.

The following grade scale will be used in this course:

90 – 100  A; 80 – 89  B; 70 – 79  C; 60 – 69  D; 0  – 59  F

NOTEBOOK ORGANIZATION:    You will need a notebook since we do not issue books for this class.  Please keep ALL notes, worksheets, quizzes and other papers on ONE binder.


  • Respect: 
    • Respect others enough to give them a voice and really listen to their ideas. 
    • Respect yourself enough to do your best and make an honest effort in all activities.  Ask questions when you do not fully understand.
    • Respect me, your teacher, I am on your side…let me help you learn.
  • Responsibility: 
    • It is my responsibility to come to class prepared to teach. 
    • It’s your responsibility to come to class ready to learn.

12 Steps for Success…

  1. When students enter the room, they should collect needed materials and be seated.
  2. Keep rows clear of bags and things.
  3. Attendance and tardies are marked when the bell rings. 
  4. Every student should have paper and pencil.  You may borrow one but this must be done by the time the bell rings.
  5. Restroom, during class students should wait until the end of class.  If a student leaves the classroom a tardy will be marked.
  6. Heading of paper should be in the upper right corner of the paper:
    1. Name
    2. Date of assignment
    3. Class period
  7. Students should write in pencil and be legible.  Students may write on the back of paper.  Messy work will be counted as a zero.
  8. Complete assignments must be turned in on time for possibility of receiving full credit.  Complete assignments turned in late (after the end of a class period) will have a possibility of receiving a maximum of half credit. 
  9. All assignments are due the following class day unless otherwise stated.  Any assignment started in class will be taken home for completion and returned the next day for grading. 
  10. If a student is absent it is the responsibility of the student to check my web page or the assignment board in the classroom for missed assignments.  School activities are not absences, you are counted as present and assignments are due up on return.
  11. Students will be dismissed from class and should remain in their seats until they are dismissed by the teacher.
  12. Drinks are allowed IF the lid has a twist on/off cap.  No fountain type drinks will be allowed.  NO FOOD!

Mrs. Brown’s Bio and Contact Information:

  • Mrs. Brown has a Bachelor’s degree from Ouachita Baptist University and a Master’s degree from Henderson State University.
  • Mrs. Brown is certified in K-12 Physical Education; grades 4-8 Mathematics, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts; grades 7-12 Mathematics, Social Studies and Health; and holds a Coaching Endorsement.
  • Mrs. Brown has been married to Alan for 28 years and they have five children. 
  • Mrs. Brown is beginning her 28th year of teaching.
  • Mrs. Brown can be reached at Berryville High School 870.423.3312 or by email:  tbrown@bobcat.k12.ar.us
  • Mrs. Brown’s  strives to live Philippians 4:5 from The Message: "Make it as clear as you can to all you meet that you're on their side, working with them not against them" .


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