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Annette Cormack

APEX Classes


APEX Learning courses offer students the opportunity to take difital courses in a regular classroom setting. Students complete assignments presented on computers but have the safety net of a teacher in the classroom to assist if needed.

The program is a hybrid format that combines online instruction and computer-scored assessments (tests, quizzes and discussion boards) with note-taking and teacher-scored written assignments (journals, practice activities, written tests and essays)

BHS incorporates APEX courses to remediate students based on standardized tests and for credit recovery to help students who have fallen behind in credits to graduate on time. BHS also offers elective courses, such as art appreciation, financial literacy, media literacy, and multicultural studies.

For details, deadlines, and information about your child's APEX class, click the link for his or her subject:

Art Appreciation

English (Credit Recovery)

Financial Literacy

Media Literacy

Multicultural Studies